About art… in English.

  • Date of event : 19.02.2010

Last Thursday 35 people decided to combine their passion for English with the desire to know more about the world of art and came to the Silesian Museum to take part in the first meeting of the “About art…” series devoted to the art of graffiti.


The main focus of the class was graffiti seen both as an artistic and social phenomenon. Nick Clowes – graphic designer, street art enthusiast and a teacher of English, talked about city tagging and projects of undeniable artistic dimension. The fact that the subject matter was original and multi-faceted helped to rivet students’ attention and they actively participated in the class filled with vocabulary exercises, quizzes and discussion.


The next meeting, this time at a Pre-Intermediate level, entitled “Don’t Believe Your Eyes!” will be on March 11. The subject will be illusionist painting and everybody is welcome!


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