Contemporary italian graphic art. Cremona for Katowice

  • Date of event : 21.04.2011


[11 February – 10 April, 2011]


This exhibition presents works of contemporary Italian graphic artists, the heirs to the unique cultural heritage and the history of graphic art that dates back almost as far as the history of the country itself. The concept of the exhibition is to view contemporary Italian graphic art over a time span: the oldest presented work was completed in the 1950s, the newest – as recently as two years ago. The delightful diversity of topics and varying styles which the works represent proves the richness of the collection, which catches the eye with its wide range of applied techniques, such as copperplate engraving, etching, aquatint, mezzo-tint, mono-typing. The techniques influence in a variety of manners the form of the works and eventually their content and artistic message.


Fulvio Tomasi, Kto sieje wiatr, zbiera burzę, wł. Muzeum ŚląskieAlbino Palma, Słodzone przez Dulcyneę, własność Muzeum Śląskie


The donation by the town of Cremona and the Triennale L’Arte e il Torchio consisting of 94 works by 48 Italian graphic artists has been made to the benefit of the Silesian Museum in Katowice through efforts and connections of the late Professor Witold Skulicz, a prominent artist and co-founder of the International Triennale of Graphic Art in Cracow, recently deceased. His outstanding creativity and brilliant organizational skills as well as friendships in the Italian artistic circles, and in particular with Mr. Vladimiro Elvieri, have helped to acquire works whose artistic value and significance for our collection cannot be overrated.

The donation has also been made in return for a similar collection of contemporary Polish graphic art donated by the Cracow-based Triennale to the Museo alla Ponzone in Cremona.


Curator: Joanna Szeligowska-Farquhar








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