Landscapes of Chopin’s Europe

  • Date of event : 28.02.2011


[15 December, 2010 – 21 March, 2011]


The exhibition – held as a part of the celebration of the Chopin Year 2010 – presents landscape painting of the Romantic era. The expo attempts to explain the genius of Fryderyk Chopin and his masterly lyrical art claiming affinity with the notions of Classicism and Romanticism.

Franciszek Kostrzewski, A garden scene, property of The Silesian Museum

Jan Nepomucen Głowacki, A mountain brook, property of The Silesian Museum


Landscape was a fully autonomous theme in works of art of the period, bearing the same significance as themes hitherto held dearer, that is religious or historical scenes. The significance of landscapes was not limited to the documentary mapping of reality in a piece of painting. The theme was also used symbolically, as envisaged by the works of Polish artists.
The exhibition of paintings that come from the collections of national museums in Cracow, Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice will be complemented by a multimedia presentation illustrating the major veins of European landscape painting of that period.




Curator: Andrzej Holeczko-Kiehl



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