Silesian ABC by Paweł Wróbel

  • Date of event : 31.05.2010

15 May – 31 June 2010

Paweł Wróbel  (1913-1984), born in Szopienice, was one of the most popular Silesian non-professional artists as well as an active member of the ‘Janów’ Group. His colourful and cheerful pictures  often depicted his immediate neighbourhood, being that of Szopienice – his birthplace, and the adjacent districts of Katowice such as Janów and Nikiszowiec. He usually painted genre scenes, deeply rooted in the Silesian landscape with its characteristic cone-shaped slag heaps, tall chimneys, mineshafts and red-brick houses  called ‘familoki’.

Paweł Wróbel, Allotments, owned by the Silesian MuseumPaweł Wróbel, Silesian Landscape, owned by the Museum


Exhibition curator:
Sonia Wilk



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