• Date of event : 16.05.2010


It is the sixth time we are going to celebrate the ‘Night of Museums’ – a European cultural event, in which the Silesian Museum in Katowice traditionally will take part. We invite you to three different venues:

The Silesian Museum in Katowice, al. W. Korfantego 3


•  19.00 – 20.00 lecture Archaeology in the Upper Silesia
•  21.30 – 22.30 Something old, something new – a show of  village and city wedding fashion from the interwar period to the present day. The wedding dress will be presented by the students of the Complex of Schools of Arts&Design  in Tarnowskie Góry
•  22.30 – 22.30 ‘In the industrial atmosphere of the city’ the night of Silesian stereoscopic photography
•  22.30 During the night meeting from the series Meetings with Photography we will ask Ryszard Czernow, the author of the photographic exhibition ‘Digressions’, a question: ‘Subjective photography, means what ?’
•  21.00-24.00 – the museum exhibits in 3D. Presentation of the system for creating three-dimensional images of museum exhibits.

• ‘Oh, What a Wedding it was…’ – presentation of old photographs depicting wedding and engagement ceremonies
• ‘Open Night’ of the Studio of Monument Conservation, meetings conducted by museum employees on the following topics:
         • Digital techniques in conservation
         • To see the invisible, i.e. what can you see under UV
         • To see with hands – museum for the blind

• Visiting exhibitions including the ones especially prepared for ‘Night in the Silesian Museum’
• The History of Silesian Industry in Special Collections of the Silesian Museum Library combined with the possibility to visit the library
• Display of selected archaeological exhibits
• The Silesian ABC by Paweł Wróbel
• Exhibition of photography. Ryszard Czernow. Digressions
•  Masterpieces from Deposit Gallery of Polish Painting 1800-1945 – a unique presentation of the museum deposit including works by the most eminent Polish artists: Józef Brandt, Alfred Wierusz Kowalski, Tamara Łempicka, Mela Muter, Tadeusz Makowski, Jacek Malczewski, Eugeniusz Zak, Jerzy Nowosielski and Teresa Pągowska.


And also:
•  Silesian Scrabble – games and language riddles for children and adults
• Children’s corner of artistic activities
• Publishers’ book fair with discount prices

Other exhibitions:
o Gallery of Polish Painting 1800-1945
o Gallery of Polish Painting after 1945
o ‘Oh, What a Wedding it was…’,
o Silesian industry in armaments production 19th and 20th century
o At the Jan Eichorn’s Printshop
o Gallery in the Window: Ryszard Grzyb, Anxiety is an Art of Life’ 2004


 Old ‘Katowice’ Coalmine location, ul. Kopalniana 6

•  15.00-20.00 Guided tour around the old coalmine facilities (at 19.30 the last group can enter, 20 people per group, admission every 30 min.)
•  15.00-20.00 Multimedia presentation of the new building of the Silesian Museum in ‘Bartosz’ shaft facility
•  19.30   A preview of graphic works by Jacek Joostberens ENTER-EXIT

The exhibition ENTER-EXIT is an inauguration of the original project of Jacek  Joostberens, a young generation artist. This project – as the name indicates- presents people and places connected with the Upper Silesia. It is a series of graphics in 210 x 100cm format, thematically related to the coalmine, completed with the film images of this place and the people invited to participate in the project.
This unconventional idea to recall familiar, but often deserted post-industrial places of the Upper Silesia, marked by the presence of man, conveys an interesting message. The dialogue between image and sound, enriched by the artist’s comments, makes the memories of this time and place vivid and unforgettable.

•  20.00-21.30 Józef Skrzek – Concert

The concert, which takes place on the premises of the old ‘Katowice’ Coalmine, is part of the never-ending tour of Józef Skrzek. This Artist, Wanderer, Viator has performed all over the world; in the USA, Canada, Mexico and India. He has been the leader of his ‘SBB’ band for almost four decades, which is one of the most important rock bands ever existing. He gives concerts in churches, planetariums and organises plein-airs at unusual places. He draws inspiration from blues, electronics, rock and classical music, translating all this into his own musical language. During the ‘Night of Museum’ he will offer a unique composition of cosmic, futuristic synthesizers with natural human voices.

The concert will take place in the old mechanical workshop. Limited number of places.

Centre for Polish Scenography, plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2
18.00 – 1.00

• Exhibition The Art of Theatre Crafts, i.e. ‘what you cannot see’,
• Theatre behind the scenes – presentation

Traditionally, thanks to KZK GOP, all the places of this event can be reached by special buses, free bus transport (timetable



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