Vivat Insita. Ideal World by Paweł Garncorz

  • Date of event : 20.08.2010

[8 July – 3 October 2010r]


Paweł Garncorz was born and lives in Katowice. For many years he has been taking part in classes organized by the ‘Unikat” Workshop of Creative Activities. The works of Paweł Garncorz are distinguished by their ability to penetrate the real world. As if he is an industrious constructor or an inspired urban planner, Paweł builds houses, a brick by brick, and ‘constructs’ cities, meticulously sketching every single street. Everything has to be there – every object and every detail. Proportions, perspective and rules governing the world represented in a drawing are of little concern to the artist – it is the detail that counts.


Paweł Garncorz, Dąbrowa Górnicza, wł. Muzeum ŚląskiePaweł Garncorz, Muzeum Śląskie, wł. ŚląskiePaweł Garncorz, Nikiszowiec, wł. Muzeum Śląskie



 Curator: Sonia Wilk 



Wystawa towarzyszy Art Nail Festiwal Katowice 2010 







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