Muzeum Śląskie will be once again open to visitors

We are pleased to inform that Muzeum Śląskie will be once again open to visitors. The process of making the exhibition spaces available is divided into two stages.

From 26 May 2020, it will be possible to access the observation tower of the former Warszawa II shaft, enjoy the “Byzuch u Ferdynanda” guided tour (offer for individuals up to 4 people) and spend some time in the social garden between 10 AM and 8 PM. We have also organised a fun activity for you, entitled “Industrialna Podróż – quest” [“Industrial Journey – a quest”], that is an active exploration of the external area of Muzeum Śląskie (free offer, the route takes approx. 45 minutes).

From 2 June 2020, it will be possible to see permanent and temporary exhibitions in the main building of the museum, from Tuesday to Sunday, in temporarily shortened hours, i.e. between 12 noon and 6 PM.

Along with the opening of the museum, the moodro bistro & cafe and the moodro restaurant have both begun providing their services. We also wish to encourage you to visit the Gyszynk i kawa museum store on level -2A (the café is closed), where you can collect orders processed via the online store. The following remain temporarily closed: the underground car park (except for cases as provided below), cloakrooms, the “In Search of Tomek” educational space, the reading room of Muzeum Śląskie Library and the children’s area located on level -4.

With the health of our visitors in mind, we have adapted the museum visiting rules to the latest sanitary requirements. Below you can find the most important information in this respect.

  • For safety reasons, the visitors’ body temperature will be measured with the use of non-contact thermometers.
  • Visitors will be obliged to wear face masks (while inside the buildings) and keep a distance of 2 metres from each other.
  • At the entrance, exit and checkout points, there will be dispensers with hand sanitisers available for the visitors.
  • It will not be possible to use multimedia and touch screens, and we recommend using lockers instead of the cloakroom.
  • Tickets to the museum will be available at the price of reduced-fee tickets, whereas those purchased when the museum was closed and not returned will remain valid. We encourage you to purchase tickets online and to make your payments in cashless form.
  • The museum has temporarily withdrawn its offer of group events, and the number of persons visiting the exhibitions has been limited in accordance with the recommendations of the sanitary inspectorate.
  • The overground car park with 120 parking spaces remains at your disposal. The underground car park will be made available to persons holding permits allowing them to park in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.

We wish to encourage you to read the new regulations for visiting.

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