Performatywny Magazyn. Artist Residency Program

For the second time, Muzeum Śląskie extends an invitation to take part in the artistic residency programme “Performatywny Magazyn”. The title of the second edition of the programme addressed to young artists from Poland and abroad is: “From a Time Perspective”.

The residential programme of Muzeum Śląskie is available to graduates and students of institutions of higher education, especially artistic, as well as artists of visual and performative arts who are under 35 years of age. By participating in the programme, young artists will be able to gain valuable experience by implementing their own original idea in cooperation with
a significant cultural institution that is Muzeum Śląskie in Katowice.

The submissions should refer to the 90th anniversary of Muzeum Śląskie in 2019, creatively reinterpreting its history, collection, mission and architecture. The Museum will be particularly interested in projects locating it in the socio-historical and cultural context of the region and the country, as well as other institutions of a similar nature. We also intend to implement projects that will show not only the historical or contemporary realities of the Museum’s operation and its role within Silesia, Poland and Europe, but also activities related to the further development and future of the institution.

The submissions should include activities in the field of visual arts, in particular multimedia projects, public space and site specific installations, and performative installations. Projects prepared as part of the residences can be shown both at the Muzeum Śląskie premises and in other locations. The institution provides a space to work, opportunity to consult a qualified team and cooperating experts, and the project’s promotion. It also provides funds for the purchase or production of materials related to the implementation of the project.

The deadline for submission is 6 February 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

Submit your projects to: with the note “Performatywny Magazyn 2019”. The first selection of projects will end by 1 March 2019. The submission will then be assessed in accordance with the objectives of the residential programme, reference to the subject, uniqueness, creativity, the creator’s experience and the feasibility of the project.

  • Both individuals and teams may submit projects.
  • A maximum of two ideas may be submitted, of which only one will be implemented.
  • The duration of one residence will be between 15 and 21 days.
  • The total duration of the project covers the period between May and December 2019.
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