Desiring to make it possible for each viewer to contact with art, Silesian Museum has introduced so-called “Silent Hours”, while visiting the permanent exhibitions, and has created specially adapted Interim Tranquility Zone.

Such solutions will improve a comfort of visiting for ones with high sensitivity. Silesian Museum’s offer for visitors with autism spectrum is constantly increasing as well.

“Silent Hours” will be applied in the permanent exhibitions at Silesian Museum on Wednesdays and will last from 5 PM to 8 PM. During this period, the soundtracks in Galleries will be turned off or down. Additionally, noise-cancelling headphones will be available at ticket windows in both sizes – for adults and for children. At the temporary exhibitions, you may find the information about the types of stimuli which are possible to be experienced while visiting. Yet in the exhibition space of The Gallery of Polish Art was created Interim Tranquility Zone. This special place enables the visitors with high sensitivity to separate from the stimuli. You can also read the publications and use the stress balls which are available in the zone.

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