Waist pouches and bags sewn from fragments of an artistic installation

Torba z baneru 7We encourage all those who enjoy giving objects new life to see our new products available in the museum store – eco bags and waist pouches sewn from fragments of an artistic installation previously displayed in Muzeum Śląskie. Proceeds from sales will be credited to the account of Muzeum Śląskie in order to purchase new museum objects.

The second life of art! Limited edition of “The Muse” bags and waist pouches in Muzeum Śląskie. The products have been made of a material previously constituting an element of Philip Paquet’s “The Muse” installation prepared as part of the 7th edition of the Katowice JazzArt Festival in collaboration between Muzeum Śląskie and Katowice City of Gardens – Krystyna Bochenek Cultural Institution. The product has been prepared by the PANATO workshop at the request of Muzeum Śląskie. Hand-sewn bags and waist pouches from a durable, waterproof material, adorned with original, unique designs are available in various colours.

Proceeds from sales will be earmarked for the purchase of new objects for the collection of Muzeum Śląskie.

Waist pouches are available in the online store and in Muzeum Śląskie stationary Museum Store.


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