XI European Economic Congress / Exhibitions in Muzeum Śląskie for 1 zł

In Katowice, between 13th and 15th May takes place XI European Economic Congress. Muzeum Śląskie, as a partner of the event, offers all participants a visit in the muzeum for 1 zł.

All guests taking part in this international congress will have an opportunity to see Muzeum Śląskie and its interesting exhibitions for 1 zł. Discounts will be valid during the event for those, who will present their badge when purchasing a ticket. We invite you to visit us!

We encourage you also to attend meetings and discussions of XI European Economic Congress. Alicja Knast, a manager of the Muzeum Śląskie, confirmed her participation in two panel discussions: ‘’Culture and Economy” (15.05, 9.30 a.m.) and „Culture Management” (15.05, 11:30 a.m.). During already mentioned speeches, topics such as new technology in culture, modern patronage and cooperation between business and authors will be discussed. There will be also time for reflection about culture economics and character of managing culture institutions. Panelists will think about culture as a product and art of creating relations with sponsors.

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