Classes for kids, families and adults

  • Education Department
  • T. Dobrowolskiego 1
  • 40-205 Katowice
  • tel. +48 32 213 08 36 / 690 455 949

Since its restoration in 1984, Muzeum Śląskie in Katowice has pursued a varied educational mission. Not only do we organise permanent and temporary exhibitions, but we also promote cultural and historical heritage at large. We provide activities such as classes and workshops for children and young people, as well as events for adults. We offer lectures, meetings, discussions, film screenings, theatre shows, and concerts.

We work with schools, libraries, associations, agencies supporting educational institutions, and teachers.

Our initiatives also include projects that make the museum a venue friendly to those with disabilities. We run activities for children and adults with intellectual and autistic disorders, and those vulnerable to social exclusion.

If you are interested in our educational activities in a foreign language, please get in touch with us:

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