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Imaginarium sculptures by Antoni Toborowicz from Wola Libertowska
Fire, earth and air are the contrast to water. (...) The fifth element is man’s ability to fantasize. - Władysław Hasior Such an ability is definitely characteristic of Antoni Toborowicz, one of the ...
06.11.2020 -28.03.2021
Harmony Marcin Ryczek
Marcin Ryczek’s works are a series of minimalistic and symbolistic photographies. Their main idea is the minimum form and maximum content. The Harmony title refers to the form, content and process...
24.10.2020 -14.03.2021
Transport Cases
The “Transport Cases” exhibition presents the works by four artists - Leoš Wertheimer, Henryk Kondratowicz, Piotr Drożdżak and Artur Waszczyński. Their works are linked by their subject and each of th...
12.09.2020 -07.03.2021
Programming the puppet. Ali Bunsch in the collection of the Centre for Polish Scenography
    Puppets are not cute, like muppets. Puppets are effigies and gods and meaningful creatures. / Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet Theatre   The main part of the exhibition room is o...
18.09.2020 -03.01.2021
Counting memories. Chiharu Shiota
With this installation, I want to visualize the universe within this space. A massive cloud of intertwined lines fills the room; it floats above a collection of nine tables and chairs. The network hol...
27.09.2019 -31.10.2020
Art known as naive and what’s next… The reception of Aleksander Jackowski’s thought in the collection of Muzeum Śląskie
The exhibition is based on Aleksander Jackowski’s “Art known as naive”, the most important book in the Polish literature on the subject. Even though it has been 25 years since its release, the publica...
18.01.2020 -23.08.2020
Silesian Urban and Industrial Landscape. A Nostalgic Journey Through Upper Silesia from the Early 20th Century
Upper Silesia is a region where industry and architecture are very closely interwoven with each other. It is a land of large industrial buildings: mines, steelworks, rolling mills and fossil-fuel powe...
15.01.2020 -10.05.2020
The Spirit of Nature and Other Fairy Tales
On the road Although being extensive, yet still limited to a certain extent, the collection of art built up for twenty years since the establishment of the ING Polish Art Foundation, which was crea...
23.11.2019 -03.05.2020
What is hidden. Bartek Arobal Kociemba
In some Silesian towns children collect magical green “rocks” with undulating linear patterns. These are slag - a by-product of smelting iron ore. Those stones stimulate our imagination. They direct o...
26.09.2019 -06.01.2020
Performatywny Magazyn: From a Time Perspective / The mark
The aim of accepting submissions for the 3rd edition of the artist residency programme “Performatywny Magazyn: From a Time Perspective” connected with the 90th anniversary of Muzeum Śląskie in 2019 wa...
29.11.2019 -05.01.2020
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