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It Started with a Grain… The History of Cultivated Plants
The direct impulse for creating this exhibition was the desire to draw public attention to plants and their history, without which we and our history would be nothing. The heroes of the exhibition are...
09.09.2017 -20.05.2018
Everything is Achieved Through Hope. Cultural Heritage of Reformation in Silesia
The show celebrates the Year of Reformation and highlights the rich 500-year tradition of Reformation in Silesia. The focus on the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (Lutheran Church) is me...
21.10.2017 -30.04.2018
Puppet’s awareness. Jadwiga Mydlarska-Kowal’s theatre of forms
The exhibition that presents the works of Jadwiga Mydlarska-Kowal is divided into two areas; one shows the artist’s activities in puppet theatres and the other focuses on her creativity related to the...
10.02.2018 -22.04.2018
Work in hope for…
Work in hope for... is an artistic residency program realized by Galeria Szara in partnership with Muzeum Śląskie in Katowice.  Starting point of the project is exhibition "Everything is Achieved Thro...
16.03.2018 -21.04.2018
Zwrotnica. Early Days of Neo-avant-garde in Upper Silesia
The exhibition looks at Silesia’s artistic community through the prism of the concept of the great 20th century Avant-Garde. Between late 1940s and early 1950s, Silesia was far from a cultural desert....
04.11.2017 -01.04.2018
Interventions. Space, Time and Memory
The show has been co-created by three artists: Frauke Dannert (Germany), David Leleu (France) and Michał Smandek (Poland), invited to work on a project Kultur’a-Trium, a collaboration among the Weimar...
20.10.2017 -31.12.2017
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