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Biographies (un)authorized
“Weirdo”, “freak”, “misfit”, “lunatic” – such painful terms were directed to the creators to whom the exhibition Biographies (un)authorized has been devoted. The reason why they heard those hurtful wo...
15.10.2021 -18.04.2022
A coal mine in the camera lens
A mysterious place, a gateway to an unknown hermetic world – the world that we know from stories and memories of mine workers, rare photographs and old engravings. This is what a mine can be for many....
15.10.2021 -05.12.2021
Masterly Narratives. Silesian Masters of Graphics
"Masterly Narratives. Silesian Masters of Graphics” is an exhibition of artworks created by group of artists associated with Katowice and the history of its Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1929, when they...
19.08.2021 -04.11.2021
The Ray from Saturn. The Painting by Teofil Ociepka
On April 24 this year we had the 130th anniversary of birth of the most famous Polish naive painter next to Nikifor: Teofil Ociepka. This date became a pretext for organizing a retrospective exhibitio...
23.04.2021 -26.09.2021
Tell el-Farcha. 20 years of Polish excavations
From June 12th to September 5th the Silesian Museum in Katowice will display a board exhibition prepared at the Archaeological Museum in Poznań on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the research ...
12.06.2021 -05.09.2021
Folk woodcut – a lost art?
Folk woodcut is a little-known and rarely presented field of folk art. It was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries but by the end of the 19th century it had become a “lost art”. Fortunately, the fir...
14.05.2021 -15.08.2021
Imaginarium sculptures by Antoni Toborowicz from Wola Libertowska
Fire, earth and air are the contrast to water. (...) The fifth element is man’s ability to fantasize. - Władysław Hasior Such an ability is definitely characteristic of Antoni Toborowicz, one of the ...
06.11.2020 -28.03.2021
Harmony Marcin Ryczek
Marcin Ryczek’s works are a series of minimalistic and symbolistic photographies. Their main idea is the minimum form and maximum content. The Harmony title refers to the form, content and process...
24.10.2020 -14.03.2021
Transport Cases
The “Transport Cases” exhibition presents the works by four artists - Leoš Wertheimer, Henryk Kondratowicz, Piotr Drożdżak and Artur Waszczyński. Their works are linked by their subject and each of th...
12.09.2020 -07.03.2021
Programming the puppet. Ali Bunsch in the collection of the Centre for Polish Scenography
    Puppets are not cute, like muppets. Puppets are effigies and gods and meaningful creatures. / Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet Theatre   The main part of the exhibition room is o...
18.09.2020 -03.01.2021
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