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Close but From a Far-Away World. The History of Domestication of Mammals
The theme of the exhibition “Close but From a Far-Away World. The History of Domestication of Mammals” is the little-known history of the domestication of mammals. The process started approximately 40...
30.03.2019 -01.09.2019
Stories about walking the city. Post-temporary exhibition
  In their works, Agnieszka Antkowiak, Aleksandra Nowakowska and Przemek Branas refer to the exhibition titled Zajawka. Silesian Hip-Hop 1993–2003 presented at Muzeum Śląskie. Riding on the ra...
31.07.2019 -01.09.2019
Edmund Monsiel. An Eternal Enigma
Over fifty years have passed from the first publication of Edmund Monsiel’s drawings in Przekrój magazine, and almost as many since his first exhibition in the Art Historians' Association in Krakow, f...
18.05.2019 -11.08.2019
Teresa Murak. I am
Teresa Murak is a conceptual artist. Since the 1970s, her style has been determined by fleeting materials, such as cress, germinating cereal grains, ash and destructible fabrics. This translates into ...
09.02.2019 -28.07.2019
  What is the next stage following the domestication of animals? How do new media, technology and human domination around the world influence the animal lives? How do animals adapt to living i...
17.06.2019 -27.07.2019
Upper Silesia from the Air
There are few regions as far from their stereotypical image as Upper Silesia. Mines, steelworks and spoil tips – which are often the first thing people think of – are only a small portion of the local...
04.02.2019 -15.07.2019
Let’s talk about garbage
Conscious management and waste management are now among the most important issues discussed in many areas of life, including the architecture. The creators of the presentation "Let's talk about gar...
01.12.2018 -03.03.2019
Polish Print Triennial
Curator: Grzegorz Hańderek   The Polish Print Triennial is the oldest and the most prestigious overview of Polish contemporary graphic art, whose ambition is to select interesting artistic ...
27.10.2018 -24.02.2019
Dark side of the coal
A critical design, that, through unconventional way of considering coal (as a material, not fuel), challenges the status quo. The set of objects, by changing the way of perceiving coal, is to bring th...
03.12.2018 -31.12.2018
“Ancient Forest Alliance” / “Great Barrier Reef”
During the COP24 Climate Summit at the Muzeum Śląskie we will be able to see two video installations: Ancient Forest Alliance and Great Barrier Reef. These two video installations are a part of The...
07.12.2018 -14.12.2018
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