What are the opening times of the Museum?

Muzeum Śląskie is open:

  • Tuesday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Wednesday– Friday: 12.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
When is the Museum closed?

In 2019 the Museum is closed on Mondays, on New Year’s Day (1 January), Easter (21 April), All Saints Day (1 November), Independence Day (11 November), Christmas Eve (24.12) and on Christmas Day (25 December).


Is the Museum open on holidays?

In 2019, Muzeum Śląskie will be open on the following holidays:

10.00 am-8.00 pm: 6.01, 22.04, 1.05, 3.05, 9.06, 20.06, 15.08, 26.12

10.00 am-3.00 pm: 20.04, 31.12

Is every Tuesday free of charge?

Yes, on every Tuesday you can visit both venues of Muzeum Śląskie for free. You might use the saved money to enjoy a delicious lunch or cake at one of our restaurants or buy a gift at the museum store.

Do I need to book tickets on free Tuesdays?

You may book a free Tuesday ticket via our website or just pick it up at our ticket offices. It might be a good idea to book tickets for the show “In the Footsteps of Tomek,”, as it accepts only 30 visitors at a time.

How to get to the Museum?

Muzeum Śląskie is located at ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1 in the Culture Zone. All directions for access by car, bus and train can be found in the tab: Plan your visit -> How to get there.

Is there a car park at the Museum?

Yes. Muzeum Śląskie offers two car parks: outdoor car park on the north side (available for buses) and an underground car park. Parking is free for up to 4 hours. Otherwise, it is priced 4 PLN per hour.

How long does it take to visit the permanent exhibitions?

You should schedule around 2-3 hours to see all of the six permanent shows, or 4 hours if you also want to see our temporary shows. If you are pressed for time, it is worth taking just an hour to visit us.

May I take photographs or shoot videos while visiting?

You can take photographs without extra lighting or a tripod for personal use only. As the museum is not authorized to use some of the images for purposes other than exhibitions, taking photographs may be prohibited, as announced by our staff.

Is the Museum adapted for those with disabilities?

The venue at ul. T. Dobrowolskiego offers many amenities to support those with restricted mobility, wheelchair users and visitors with a hearing or sight impairment. You can find further details at the tab: Accessibility.

How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets in the cash desks (Tue-Sun 10.00 am – 8.00 pm) or through the website at: Plan your visit -> Tickets.

How much are museum tickets?

Ticket prices are provided at the tab: Plan your visit -> Tickets. Please pick the most suitable visiting option and click “Ticket prices”. We offer free entrance on Tuesday.

Does the Museum have a café or a restaurant?

The museum has two restaurants with a number of menu options and a café Gyszynk i kawa. Please click the tab: Plan your visit -> Restaurants to learn more.

What is inside the former mining buildings?

Centrum Scenografii Polskiej – A centre committed to documenting the achievements of Polish theatre and film set design.

Carpentry workshop – A building with a flexible space layout on the ground floor designed to host workshops and entertainment events. Its first floor provides an exhibition space for families with children to experience an educational adventure that draws upon Alfred Szklarski’s travel novels. “In the Footsteps of Tomek” is a challenge for all daredevils. They have to try to unravel the mystery of Tomek’s disappearance and visit five continents, just as Tomek did: Africa, South America, North America, Australia and Asia.

Main baths – The former baths now play the role of a service and research centre for other institutions, thanks to a complete overhaul and the cutting-edge equipment of the History, Archaeology and Ethnography Departments it now houses. The first floor of the building is dedicated to exhibitions.

Former tower of Warszawa II shaft – The shaft tower has been converted into an observation tower for tourists to enjoy the view of the Culture Zone and the city skyline.

Warszawa I shaft machine room – A building that now houses Moodro restaurant, a venue that blends tradition with modernity. Its unique interior and the panorama of Katowice will leave many breathless. This is a place where you can enjoy original variations of traditional cuisine created by real virtuosos.

Smithy – The building of the former smithy and mechanical workshop houses an exhibition on Silesian industry. The show includes old machines and devices such as hammers, presses and machine tools from industrial plants across Silesia, leading to an upcoming exhibition on the history of the local industry.

Can I visit the observation tower?

Warszawa II observation tower is open to visitors in summer, subject to weather conditions. Please ask our staff at ticket offices or the information point. Please show your ticket before entering the observation tower.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, Muzeum Śląskie has a free mobile app that provides a guide for those visiting the new venue of Muzeum Śląskie. The app will help you discover unique museum collections with features such as news, details of current exhibitions, details of particular items, etc. The app also comes with a map feature to help you find a given museum place. The app activates only with Bluetooth and WiFi both on.

Can I eat or drink in or around the galleries?

Due to the risk of damaging exhibits, eating and drinking in exhibition rooms is forbidden. Please use our restaurants before and after visiting exhibitions.

Why is it chilly at some of the exhibitions?

Temperature, humidity and sunlight are adjusted at the Museum automatically, in line with the guidelines made by the Conservation Department for specific exhibitions. Since any changes, including increased temperature, would put the exhibits at risk, the temperature must remain constant. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please bring an extra sweater just in case.

What are the ‘zbliż bilet’ signs for?

By putting your ticket near these signs, you can use the RFID system, embedded in our tickets. The system lets you track and recap your visiting path. To use the tool, please log-in / register with your ticket number.

See the video.

Does the Museum offer any attractions for children?

Muzeum Śląskie takes great care to meet children’s needs. We provide workshops and exhibitions for children that teach them art, history and regional heritage through play. Nobody will get bored during these classes. Each workshop takes about 2 hours. We also suggest you take an hour to see the exhibition on the history of Upper Silesia. Playing in our multimedia garden may take as long as you like…

In what languages are the descriptions of museum exhibits?

The descriptions are in Polish and English.

Does Muzeum Śląskie offer any internship opportunities?

It is possible to do an unpaid student apprenticeship or an internship with some of Muzeum Śląskie departments. Please contact our HR Department to learn more about our internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

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