The Silesian Industrial History Section

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The collections of the Silesian Industrial History Section encompass old machines and devices such as hammers, presses and machine tools used by Silesian industrial facilities, leading to an upcoming exhibition that will explore local industrial history.

Muzeum Śląskie’s venue at ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1 comprises a former mechanical workshop with a well-preserved overhead crane dated 1905. The venue also exhibits a steam engine of the early 20th century, moved there during the production of the Museum’s new exhibition. At its prime, the engine would power two rolling lines at a medium rolling mill of the now-defunct Baildon steelworks. Now it is the only exhibit like this to have been preserved in Poland. The former building of a mechanical workshop and smithy now house many interesting machines, machine tools and military machines that highlight the history of Silesian manufacturing and industry. Of particular interest are the 8.8 cm Flak cannon, the only one to be exhibited in Poland, and a machine tool used to manufacture barrels for this model, originating from the former Zgoda steelworks, which carried out the final assembly of this cannon model during World War II. Noteworthy is also the interior of the machine room located right next to the shaft top of the Bartosz Shaft, the latter now unavailable to visitors. The machine room contains the oldest mining steam winding engine in Poland, dated 1892, which originally supported the Bartosz shaft. It is also worth seeing the outdoor exhibition, consisting of passive and combat fortifications of World War II.

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