The Museum Library is primarily dedicated to research. Its book collection of nearly 45,000 volumes reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the Museum. The Library has an extensive collection of museology publications (theoretical studies, research reports from Poland

and abroad, exhibition catalogues, collection catalogues, guides for Polish and international museums), the arts (painting, printmaking, poster art, sculpture, photography, non-professional art, history of art, aesthetics, and theatre), as well as materials covering archeology, ethnography, history, technology and industry, and the broad concept of conservation. The Library also collects publications related to mining, architecture, industrialization and urban regeneration. Some of the publications collected by the Library aim to document Muzeum Śląskie’s publishing activities. The Library also includes an extensive collection of publications exploring Silesia’s culture and history, and non-serial and serial publications of 1800-1950, collected by the Old Collections Department.

The Library is used primarily by the Museum staff to prepare museum collections; however, visitors are welcome to access Library collections in the Reading Room.

Note! For technical reasons, any orders regarding “Old Collections” (ZD) take 2 days to process. Please call or e-mail the Reading Room in advance to place an order.

Information about the collections of:

Head of Library:
Justyna Długosz
32 77 99 351
690 455 924

Izabela Oleaszewska-Porzycka
32 21 30 819

Reading Room:
32 21 30 856


Links recommended by the Library

  • Śląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  • Polona
  • The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  • Open Culture

Muzeum Śląskie Library location:

  • Opening hours of the Library:
  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday closed
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