Observation tower

When the new venue of Muzeum Śląskie was completed, new life was breathed into the tower of the Warszawa II shaft converted into an observation tower. The reinforced foundations, a new panoramic lift, secured platforms and railings, a new lighting system and roof have returned the tower to its former glory.

The tower of the Warszawa II shaft is now a symbol of Muzeum Śląskie and a major point on the map of the area. In summer, visitors can enjoy the Culture Zone and the panorama of Katowice from 40 metres above the ground.

The observation tower is open to visitors in the summer season, subject to weather conditions. Please ask about the availability of the tower at ticket offices or the information point of Muzeum Śląskie. The facility can accept up to 10 visitors at a time. Depending on the number of visitors coming, Museum staff might adjust the visiting time between 5 and 15 minutes.

As with other buildings of Muzeum Śląskie, the observation tower is open between Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday, entrance is free. Please click the Tickets tab to see ticket prices. A single ticket allows one visit to the tower.

Before you come to visit the tower, please read the Terms and Conditions for the Warszawa shaft observation tower.



  • If you plan a museum trip, make sure it is open to visitors by calling 32 213 08 70. The tower may also be closed due to sudden weather changes.
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