Interventions. Space, Time and Memory


The show has been co-created by three artists: Frauke Dannert (Germany), David Leleu (France) and Michał Smandek (Poland), invited to work on a project Kultur’a-Trium, a collaboration among the Weimar Triangle regions. The artists participating in this artist-in-residence programme delivered art in old and new buildings of the Muzeum Śląskie. What binds their works together is all of them exploring the theme of Silesia and its cultural, historical, sociological, temporal and spatial contexts. The project has been implemented by the Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis and the Muzeum Śląskie.

Interventions. Space, Time and Memory
Muzeum w Strefie Kultury, ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1, poziom -2
Muzeum przy katowickim rynku, al. W. Korfantego 3
Frauke Dannert, David Leleu, Michał Smandek
Curator: Marek Zieliński
Project financed by the Marshal Office of Silesia Region

  • Muzeum Śląskie w Katowicach, ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1 i al. W. Korfantego 3
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  • Type of exhibition: Temporary
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