Suburban Chronicles. Paweł Wróbel’s Painting


Paweł Wróbel is one of the most colourful figures of Silesian non-professional art. In his joyful multicoloured paintings he depicts genre scenes set in the Silesian landscape, in which the characteristic conical slag heaps, high stacks, pithead towers and red familoki buildings dominate. His expressive personality and characteristic painting put him at the same level as Teofil Ociepka and Erwin Sówka. During his life, he has painted hundreds of paintings and received awards in many competitions. He has also been the subject of numerous press articles and documentaries. Paweł Wróbel’s paintings have found their way into both museum and private collections.

“Suburban Chronicles. Paweł Wróbel’s Painting”
Muzeum w Strefie Kultury, ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1, poziom -2
Sonia Wilk


  • The exhibition is located in permanent exhibitions zone. You need permanent exhibitions ticket to see it.
  • Muzeum Śląskie w Katowicach
    ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1
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  • Type of exhibition: Temporary
  • Kurator wystawy:
    Sonia Wilk
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